Frequently Asked Questions

How much does each ticket cost?

The price of each individual ticket is £1.

Who can enter the draw?

This draw is only open to residents of mainland Great Britain (this excludes Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Channel Islands) and those who are aged 18 and over.

How do I enter?

You can enter online here, or if you have received tickets you can return these with payment and the reply slip provided. If you need additional tickets or would like to request some are sent to you please phone 0370 034 0787.

How will I know if I’ve won?

Winners will be contacted shortly after the draw has taken place on 30 November 2022. Results will also be published on our lottery website

What are the odds of winning a prize?

Based on the total lottery plays from 2021/22 for every £1 chance has a 1 in 4,403 chance of winning a prize.

How much does The Fire Fighters Charity make from each ticket?

All the proceeds from The Fire Fighters Lottery come directly to The Fire Fighters Charity. Each £1 ticket is divided as follows:

  • 20p covers the prize fund
  • 13p goes towards the costs of running the lottery.
  • The remaining 67p is available for services delivered by the Charity.

[Figures from 2021/22].

Can you claim Gift Aid on my purchase?

Unfortunately no; lottery and raffle draws do not qualify for Gift Aid.

However, if you make a donation with your purchase, we can claim Gift Aid on this donation. If you are eligible for Gift Aid then we can claim it on your behalf if you complete the Gift Aid declaration on the entry form. Please read the declaration regarding Gift Aid carefully to ensure you are eligible.

How do I receive my ticket numbers?

If you purchase your ticket(s) online via this website, you will receive a confirmation email upon completing your purchase with your ticket number(s).

Can I request tickets by post rather than play online?

If you’d prefer to buy your tickets by post, please call our helpline on 0370 034 0787.

I have another question – who can I speak to?

Please call our Helpline on 0370 034 0787.


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